Edimax Network Management Suite India

Edimax Technology, a leading provider of premier networking solutions, introduces a new web-based wireless network management system edimax (NMS). The NMS allows IT Managers of SMBs and SMEs to monitor and effectively manage Edimax pro family access points linked with it.”With a globalized business world, today’s networks are more complex than before, have increasingly become borderless and span vast geographies. However, with evolution of technological landscapes there comes unique set of challenges to keep network safe, secure and optimized,” said Sanjay Joshi, Country Manager at Edimax Technology. “With large customer volumes in businesses, MISs would find it difficult to manage their service offerings without the use of automated monitoring and alerting tools. Software such as Edimax NMS helps effectively to resolve or monitor networks for technology professionals who cater to this ever-increasing demand cycle.“With the Edimax Pro NMS, MIS departments can plan and manage access points remotely by an easy web-based network management system. This includes a dashboard, map view, traffic statistics and wireless client list for network-wide remote administration. Using RADIUS settings, WLAN group settings, access control, guest network settings and firmware upgrades can all be managed centrally from a single location to reduce network downtime, aid troubleshooting and optimize network performance. Zone plans and setup wizards are also available for expanding and managing large networks with multiple access points.AP array architecture support feature lets MISs to deploy and configure new APs according to requirements, thus creating a network powerful network architecture which can be easily managed and expanded in the future.

Key Features:

  • Manage up to 16 Edimax pro Aps
  • Suitable for SMB/SME environments
  • AP array master/slave structure
  • Local or built-in RADIUS (AAA) support for user and guest accounts
  • Batch setup/configuration
  • Group firmware upgrade & restart
  • Channel/RF power/load optimization
  • No additional PC required
  • Integrated in AP’s existing firmware with no additional license fee

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