Electropreneur Park Backing ESDM Projects in India

Electropreneur Park is Seeking Ten of the Best ESDM Ideas/Plans

Electropreneur Park is the recent coming together of two organizations, the Software Technology Parks Of India (STPI) and the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA). They have joined in this exciting initiative with a goal to aid, assist, promote, develop and grow start-up companies and ventures within the all important ESDM (Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing) industry of India. To this end already 10,000sq ft of constructed space with state of the art facilities designated for ESDM incubation has been set aside with full facilities needed including an ESDM Lab, office space, conference rooms and more.

Electropreneur Park India

Electropreneur Park

The creation of Electropreneur Park acknowledges the importance the Indian Government, and indeed the whole Indian economy, places on ESDM and the importance and necessary growth that it must undertake so that India can become self reliant in this economy within the next few years, in an economy where electronics demand is likely to hit USD 400 billion by 2020. Developing India into a global ESDM hub will facilitate the demands on electronics and strengthen the overall economy at the same time future proofing the expected growth over the following decades to come.

Electropreneur Park is therefore searching out for ten plans that can originate from entrepreneurs, companies or students, within the ESDM industry that it can support and develop using its extensive facilities, knowledge bases and industry expertise. Engineers are requested to submit their plans online for consideration at http://electropreneurpark.com/register.php.

Successful candidates will then be able to take advantage of facilities such as office space, ESDM lab, high speed internet connections, conferencing rooms, print shops and more. Services provided will include mentoring, consultants, campus resources, patent searches, and accounting help.

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