Last Day for Plan Submissions for Electropreneur Park

June 20th 2015 Last Day for Submissions

The last day for submitting plans for Electropreneur Park has arrived – June 20th! Engineers, students and companies have been asked to submit their plans for electronics projects since the creation and launch of Electropreneur Park, and now the final day for plans to be sent into the website has arrived. There is still a few hours left, so any electronics entrepreneurs who do meet the criteria and are interested in receiving the support from this important initiative are asked to enter their plans here

Electropreneur Park is a unique project backed by the Indian Government and Electronics India, with a view to be an incubation centre for fledgling electronics plans and projects, providing security, nurturing and support to enable the growth of these plans into independent businesses that are able to stand on their own two feet not only on a national level but also at a global level within the electronics industry and specifically the ESDM sector of the Indian economy.

The project itself consists of the team selecting the ten best project plans for support in research, development, marketing and administration to further grow and develop these plans into fully functioning business units. Fifty start-ups across India will also be assisted and developped.

The successful project will then form the Techno Innovation Club which will act as focal point and impetus within Delhi University to further promote and develop electronics ideas and projects through a range of workshops, seminars and events.

Plans can be submitted at

Read more on the Electropreneur Park initiative here



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