Mu Sigma Increasing Salary for Entry Level Scientists

mu-sigma-logoMu Sigma today announced that it is introducing an innovative compensation structure in line with its montessori approach to building decision sciences talent. It is increasing the compensation offered to entry-level decision scientists in the first three years. The new compensation structure is designed to encourage employees to pursue a long-term career in decision sciences and grow into future leaders in this industry.

“India needs a change in mindset. Our young generation in India needs a reinforcement of values around commitment, building strong foundation in whatever they pursue, think long term, and work towards making India a destination for innovation,” said Dhiraj Rajaram, CEO of Mu Sigma.

“I believe the market is distracting young minds and not helping build true long-term values in our future generations. I want to change that. I want to create an innovative incentive structure that will bear long-term fruits for India,” added Mr. Rajaram.

The new compensation structure will include a one-time 5 lakh salary advance that will be paid upon successful completion of training offered by Mu Sigma University, its internal training arm, to all its new employees. This compensation structure will apply to all entry-level decision scientists joining Mu Sigma going forward. Through this we are encouraging and expecting from our employees a long-term commitment to Mu Sigma.

“As a pioneer in the Decision Sciences industry, we feel a responsibility to help nurture and create the right talent for the industry. With 3500 decision sciences professionals and over 140 Fortune 500 clients, Mu Sigma is uniquely positioned to provide the opportunities to build the foundation for a great long-term career. We are really excited to kick start this program,” said Mr. Rajaram.

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