Tata Power Delhi Distribution Team up with Metrum from Sweden

tpddl-unveils-intelligent-power-quality-managementTata Power Delhi Distribution (TPDDL) today initiated an intelligent power quality solution in association with Metrum, a Swedish product development and solutions manufacturing company focusing on power monitoring solutions, under the India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator programme. The programme, led by the Swedish Energy Agency and strongly supported by Business Sweden and CII-GBC, aims to facilitate discussions between technology and business, reduce the possible challenges that arise in finding suitable supply for clear demands, and create a strong platform for ongoing relationships between India and Sweden. There are currently 14 Swedish companies working with the Swedish Energy Agency with the Accelerator.

The intelligent power quality management solution, developed by Metrum, will help in monitoring power quality issues at the network level created by various loads including electronic instruments at select locations in TPDDL premises at voltage level of 66KV/11KV/415V, installation of necessary software at server systems checking of power quality parameters, power factor, harmonics, etc. and monitor them through web solutions and its integration with other systems. Overall, the monitoring solution will help to improve reliability of the grid, improve quality of power, increase asset life, reduce power outages and provide better grid management. The solution will also help TPDDL to fix technical problem in real time, aid in preventive maintenance, prevent energy losses and plan the integration of solar into the grid in a better way when there is an increase in solar generation and electric vehicle penetration in India apart from improving energy efficiency at the grid.

The intelligent solution was unveiled, today, by Ibrahim Baylan, Minister of Policy Coordination and Energy, Government of Sweden, at TPDDL’s state-of-the-art Smart Grid Lab situated at Rohini, New Delhi, in the presence of Harald Sandberg, Ambassador of Sweden to India; Erik Brandsma, director general, Swedish Energy Agency; Anna Liberg, trade commissioner of Sweden to India; AS Bakshi, member, CERC, Government of India, and Praveer Sinha, CEO and MD, TPDDL.

At the occasion, Mr Baylan said, “The adoption of intelligent power quality management solution by Tata Power-DDL is an important step towards integration of smart solution in power distribution. I am very hopeful that this association will help us learn and create new solutions which could be applied in both countries. I wish Tata Power-DDL and Metrum all the luck. “

Mr Sandberg said, “We are happy to collaborate with Tata Power –DDL under India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator programme to explore possibilities of power quality solutions. I believe, the advanced solution will facilitate radical expansion of smart energy management resulting in sharing of best practices between India and Sweden. The association will also create a strong platform for the ongoing relationships between the two countries.”

Talking about the association, Mr Sinha said, “This association between Tata Power-DDL and Metrum will usher a new era in effective implementation of smart technology to enable power quality solutions and will further strengthen India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator programme. Our collaboration is a vital step towards bringing in innovative technologies and cost-effective energy solutions to the utilities sector. I am sure that the learning from this collaboration would be beneficial for the technological advancement in the distribution sector across India.”

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