RAVANASURA Movie OTT Release Date, Platform, Budget, Cast, Story, Time

RAVANASURA Movie OTT Release Date: Today I am going to tell you about the OTT release date of a Telugu movie the title of this movie is Ravanasura. In this article, I am going to give you knowledge in this article Ravanasura movie ott release date, when Ravanasura movie will be released on ott platform, Ravanasura movie Ott platform. Ravanasura is a Telugu movie which is going to be released in India, this is an action thriller movie in Telugu language which you are going to like very much, in Ravanasura movie very brilliant actors and actresses have worked which will win your hearts. This movie is going to be released in theaters soon, Ravanasura film is going to be about 2 hours and during 2 hours you will not feel at all that then I am wasting your time.

Ravanasura Movie Details

Let’s know some information related to Ravanasura movie. Ravanasura movie is ready to be released in theaters on 30 September 2022, this movie has been liked by many people. Getting good response, there is a lot of discussion related to the film on social media, there are many people who are waiting for Ravanasura film and now this film is going to be released. Talking about the director of Ravanasura, Sudhir Verma has directed this movie and Abhishek Nama is the producer of this movie. Talking about the writer and screenplay of this movie, Shrikant Vissa has handled this work.

Ravanasura Movie Story

Now let’s know about the story of Ravanasura movie, Ravanasura movie is an action thriller movie, if you like to watch movies in which the combination of fight and companion trailer, then you can consider this film. This film will not disappoint you at all. If you have seen the trailer of Ravanasura movie, then you must have got an idea that how great your film is going to be. Going to see this movie.

Ravanasura Movie Cast

Talking about the casting of Ravanasura movie, the names of the collectors who play the lead role in Ravanasura movie are Shushanth, Ravi Teja, Anu Emmanuel, Megha Akash, Fariah Abdullah, Pijitha Ponnada, Daksha Nagarkar. He is a very good actor and actress, he has made many such films in his career, which people have liked a lot, hope people will like this film too, these lead characters have a very good fan following on social media. His fans and his fans are waiting for the upcoming new film Ravanasura.

Ravanasura Movie Budget

Talking about the budget of Ravanasura movie, it has cost around ₹ 500000000 to make Ravanasura movie i.e. the budget of this movie is around ₹ 500000000 as I told you guys it is a Ravanasura telugu film, so the film has a lot of people. Hope the makers of Ravanasura movie release it in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali language as well so that more and more people can see this film because the more people see Ravanasura film, the more the film will earn.

Ravanasura Movie OTT Release Date

Now let’s know about Ravanasura Movie Ott release date, before that let me remind you again that the official release date of Ravanasura movie is 30 September 2022, so if we talk about Ott release date of this movie, then Ravanasura movie will be released on OTT in November 2022. But it is about to be released i.e. after 2 months of the official release date of this movie, Ravanasura will be released on Ott.

Ravanasura Movie OTT Platform

Now let’s talk about Ravanasura movie OTT platform, so let me tell you that we will get to see Ravanasura movie on OTT platform soon, but people do not know on which OTT platform Ravanasura move will be available, then let me tell you that Ravanasura Movies we can get to see on Disney+ Hotstar. Disney+ Hotstar is an OTT platform through which you can enjoy free movies sitting at your home.

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